Andy James Uses Guitar Pro metal / uk

Andy James is one of the world’s top new Metal and Shred guitar stars with amazing technique, phrasing and all round ability.

Now a globally renowned guitarist with thousands of fans to his name, Andy has been featured by magazines such as Total Guitar and Metal Hammer as one of the world’s best.

A YouTube phenomenon with millions of views, Andy is an online legend famed not only for his incendiary playing, but also his tutorials and DVD’s released with leading companies such as Licklibrary and Jamtrax.

Andy has several acclaimed solo releases to his name as well as two successful albums with Sacred Mother Tongue, and is a well-respected metal session guitarist.

Famed for his performances at the world's top Music and Guitar Industry Shows - including NAMM in Los Angeles and the Frankfurt MESSE - Andy is a top endorsee for ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, DV Mark and Dunlop.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar Pro is a great tool for musicians to document their music with the greatest of ease, and it's also a valuable writing tool to help with on the fly to capturing of musical inspiration in the moment.

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