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Arkhum began in the early months of 2007, in the always-green state of Oregon.

Over the next 3 years their style, members, and views on music changed quite a bit.
In the Summer of 2010 Arkhum sparked the interest of the heads at Vendlus Records, leading to a great marriage between the two entities. In February of 2011 Arkhum's debut album Anno Universum was released through Vendlus Records, all across the globe. With an EP in the works for a release this Summer and a second album already in the writing stages, Arkhum has absolutely no intentions of slowing down their cosmic workhorse.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
For the past 4 years Guitar Pro has been Arkhum's go-to device for getting our ideas out. I get numerous emails a week from the other members sending me new riffs and musical ideas. It makes our long-distance issues a breeze when writing music. It really is a godsend.

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