Benjamin Sertelon Uses Guitar Pro rock / france

Benjamin started the guitar at age 14, and soon got to play in bands and teach. At age 20, he graduates from the Music Academy international and from then on shares his time between teaching, his evolving project Resilience, and his clinics for the Fryette amps brand. Since 2009, Benjamin has been writing and testing material for laguitare.com, and he now manages the page “The Riff of the Month”.

Benjamin Sertelon is currently running a channel called "Improve Your Guitar Skills". This Youtube channel offers guitar exercises, backtracks, gear reviews and tutorials available in French, English as well as Spanish.

You can check out "Improve Your Guitar Skills" on Youtube.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I have worked with Guitar Pro ever since I started playing. The first version of the program was a revolution, as it allowed you to note down your ideas and orchestrate them so you could have your school buddies listen to them without need to carry your instruments along. In time it became an indispensable tool for me in my work, editing tablature and scores, and as accompaniment. With version 6, Guitar Pro once again revolutionizes the genre, and goes beyond all other types of tab-editing software in that it makes it possible to quickly and easily creates playbacks, work your sound and effects, and also to reconsider the purchase of other, more expensive programs.

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