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Chris Mike is a guitar player, as well as a session and touring musician. He performs around 100 concerts a year and has toured over Europe, North America and Australia.

In September of 2013, Chris released his first solo guitar album through Candyrat Records. The album titled Not Just Lipstick on a Pig has received immensely positive reviews and has appeared in a number of top music sources including Guitar World, Premier Guitar, Guitar Italy, Metal Hammer, and Rock Hard.

"The album delivers a blend of modern composition along with soulful melodies, groove and highly demanding technical solos." - Premier Guitar

The track - For Jason, which appears on Mike's new instrumental album is a tribute to Jason Becker. Best of all, Becker has heard the track and seen the clip and he approves! "Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. I love it and I’m honored he did it for me. It is so clean and creative. He is great!" - Guitar World

Chris is currently dividing his time between recording his second solo album and the new Parthian Shot full-length album. Parthian Shot is a progressive metal band, of which he is the lead guitarist, composer, and producer.

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