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One of France's lead guitarists, Christophe Godin's career goes far beyond the exagerated image of a wrestler-looking guitar hero that follows him. After he played in various bands, the album Temple, in 1995 gave him both national calibre and more than positive press.

In 1996, he plays on Guitare Attitudes, a compilation of French guitarists, and in 1997 he cretaes the Mörglbl Trio !! with Ivan Rougny and Jean-Pierre Frelézeau. Two albums (The Mörglbl Trio !! in 1998, and Bienvenue à Mörglbl Land, in 1999) take them on to the international stage.

Christophe, also teaches at the Geneva E.T.M., produces a (Heavy metal : les techniques) and writes for various guitar magazines. A regular contributor to the Nancy M.A.I., he leads master-classes all over France.

In 2001, he creates Gnô, with Gabriel Vegh and Peter Puke, who release Trash Deluxe. Besides his duet with Pierrejean Gaucher (les 2G), Christophe produces his own project Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon. The band has been on tour since 2004, and released an album in 2005, with all of the ingredients of the musician's career: humor, unusual lyrics, virtuosity, and a blend of jazz, funk, and metal.

Grotesk is released in 2008, which Mörglbl will play on the roads of France, Europe, and beyond. Each new performance confirms a growing tie between the band and their audience.

In 2009, Jazz for the deaf is something of a shock, and the audience is thrilled by the heights and musicality offered by the musicians. As Christophe himself whispers on the side, "the guitar hero is back!"

Christophe Godin reprensents the Vigier electric guitars, the Godin and Simon & Patrick acoustic guitars, Laney amps, Zoom and Rocktron stompboxes, and Ernie Ball strings.

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Guitar Pro is the ideal too for both teaching and composing, so simple and flexible it is! For such a poor reader as I (and as quite a bunch of my fellow guitarists!!), it makes it so easy to set up tablatures or scores, with on top of it the new functionalities that yield results of a rarely paralleled quality!!!
Guitar Pro rocks and rules!!!

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