Denis Gouzil Uses Guitar Pro acoustic / france

I have been working for the past few years, on a original repertoire specifically destined for the guitar, with enkorakor (Mr G's string workshop, in Marcheprime), and I discovered Guitar Pro which then became an indispensable daily tool for me, just as is a tape recorder or a pencil... For composing, it helps from the draft to the whole architecture in just a few clicks, and the growing quality of its sounds makes it a truly pedagogical tool that makes you forget "a little..." the stiffness of sequencers and allows you to really work on pieces and take them apart gently, somewhat as with a luxury metronome... I love Guitar Pro!

Denis GOUZiL plays…
6- & 10-string nylon acoustic Signature guitars by Richard Caro, master guitar-maker in Bordeaux,
electric Kit Stratocaster and Jacobacci electric guitars mounted with MC2 Signature, PLO-type pickups (Jean François Roussy, Bordeaux),
and a double-neck Signature (bass/guitar) "Nicky-Nicky" model by Davidh Bauer (guitar-maker in Marcheprime).

The gpx file is an extract from Denis's CD « Le P’tit Grouillot qui Danse» (1991) Réf. EPC 885

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