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Derryl Gabel began playing guitar at age 15. Getting attention for his musical skills, he played with guitar legend George Lynch on Sacred Groove (Elektra Records) in 1992, and later had many tracks published in various magazines. Derryl has appeared as a guest soloist, released two albums (Visions & Dreams and Giant Steps), 12 instructional and performance DVDs, as well as an interactive guitar technique e-book. He is currently composing a new album, working on another instructional DVD, and giving online guitar lessons.

Derryl is currently working on a new instructional DVD and teaching via skype. He just did a guest solo for the Guitar Addiction 2 album put out by GuitarEuroMedia as well as a workshop for TrueFire.com and 2 guitar courses for Curious.com.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar Pro 6 is a very intuitive program that helps me create scores quickly and easily with a professional look and sound. One of the many things that impresses me about this particular program is it's ability to notate my fingerings correctly when playing my MIDI guitar. This helps speed up my notation process immensely. Thanks Guitar Pro team!

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