François Sciortino Uses Guitar Pro acoustic / france

Born in 1972, François started the guitar when he was 16. Under the influence of the fingerpicking style, he soon develops a passion for folk, blues, and country music. After five years studying classical guitar and jazz harmony at the music academy, he becomes one of the leading figures of French fingerpicking guitar.
His time is spent between teaching, touring, and writing for the Acoustic Guitar magazine.
François released a new pedagogical DVD at the end of 2010, and his new DVD, Masters of Acoustic Guitar vol1 in Feb. 2011.

François was the first major artist to endorse our software, and he published in 2010 the first songbook ever to be entirely and officially edited with Guitar Pro 6!! On top of being an exceptional musician, he is also a very charming person, and we do thank him very sincerely for his support and friendship.

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