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Frank Gambale was born into a family of talented musicians in his native Canberra, Australia. He quickly absorbed the pantheon of ‘60’s and ‘70’s blues and rock guitar greats.

Gambale is an inspired songwriter with over 250 songs published on 20+ albums. His music touches on many styles from rock,funk and jazz to R&B and some Latin and Brazillian influences.

As a legendary guitarist, Gambale is the undisputed genius who originated the sweep picking technique (a new way to play the instrument) and elevated it to a precise art form now standard in the guitar lexicon.

The "Gambale Sweep Picking Technique" continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and progressive artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as both an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.

In early 2016, Frank opened his brand new online guitar school where he goes deep into Blues music and guitar techniques such as Sweeping, Legato and alternate picking. If you want to improve your guitar playing, head over to www.frankgambaleonlineguitarschool.com to get a free 4-part video lesson series from Frank.

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