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Born in 1972, Gowy started playing the guitar at age 13 by picking up and covering songs by the Beatles, or Queen, and later discovered Van Halen, Steve Vai, and Frank Zappa.
He started playing live on stage and recording with a number of bands, on a few compilation albums, Crazy Gift, GFT Trio, Quartendo, and finally released a solo album in 2007, Essential Tracks.

Today, Gowy plays his own solo project "Gowy", as well as in several groups: a power trio called TÄG, a soul band called Soul Meeting and a tribute to The Police named Reggatta. He is also guitarist/arranger for Pierre Julien, with whom he has released two albums.

After many collaborations, Pierrejean Gaucher, Nina Attal, Aymeric Silvert or Christophe Godin with whom he has been proud to share the stage. He has released a second album available on its website.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar pro is for me an indispensable tool for all guitarists who wish to work and progress. It is also my ally when I compose, as no other software program has ever been so fun and user-friendly to quickly note down the ideas that go through your mind.

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