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Inophis started the guitar at the age of 15. He has been influenced by many styles such as Classical music, Rock, Jazz, Pop and Rock'n'Roll.

He has worked with different bands : Destroy Jam (Grunge), Van Guard (Hard Metal), Equinox (Symphonic Prog Metal) , Merzhin (Celtic-Rock), Kevrenn Brest St Mark (Celtic Experimental-World-Jazz) and Inophis (Rock-Metal-Punk-Classical intrumental).

He already played live in several countries: France, Romania, Spain, China and Japan. Inophis has been part of many interviews for radio, TV and guitar oriented magazines.

Today, he plays in Equinox, a band mixing Prog and Symphonic Metal styles. Equinox's first album is entitled "The Cry Of Gaïa" and is composed of 12 songs. On this album, Inophis is playing with Pascal Mulot (bass), Aurélien Ouzoulias (drums) and Emmanuel Creis (voice).

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar Pro is a wonderful tool for creating, learning, understanding, practicing, and teaching the guitar. It is very user-friendly, and I personally use it both when composing my works and when practicing the guitar, as accompanying support. I also use it to enhance the quality of the lessons I prepare for my students coming to Shanghai from all over the world. Guitar Pro 6 is an essential program to have at home, whether you play the guitar or the bass, professionally or just as a music enthusiast

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