Julien Desbordes Uses Guitar Pro rock / france

Starting the guitar at 15, Julien developed a passion for the instrument. Five years and a number of band experiences later, he graduated with honors from Nancy's Music Academy International 5 years later. An patient and observing teacher, he then develops a method, both precise and adaptable to everyone, which brings you to the freest playing style, and to using music as a means of expression, letting go to keep on playing.

Julien plays on FRYETTE amps, Electro Harmonix strings, and Pro Co cables.

Please visit Julien's Guitar Method for elements of his playing method and the corresponding, downloadable Guitar Pro files, and Guitar Connection for some examples of solos you can play with Guitar Pro 6 as playback.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar Pro is THE tablature editor software. It is the pedagogical tool that accompanied me when I started, and which remains essential to my work today. It's become indispensable. Whether I use it to work on a piece, to compose, edit lessons or exercises, create backing music for improvisation, or simply to note down a melodic idea, it is the ideal tool.

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