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Loudblast is one of the great pioneer bands in France's thrash/death metal rock music. Born in 1984 in Lille (France), the band soon got noticed with the 1986 release of the now cult split LP "Licensed To Thrash" which they share with Agressor. 1989, first album, "Sensorial Treatment", and they open stage for Coroner, Watchtower, Sacred Reich, Manowar... "Disincarnate" (1991) brings them to the fore of the European metal stage.

Loudblast is then recognized as the leading band in French metal rock music.

The band's fourth album, "Sublime Dementia" (1993) sees a new collaboration with painter Bolek Budzyn who will then on sign most of the band's covers. Thereafter come mini LP "Cross the Threshold”, a first live record, "The Time Keeper" (1995), “Fragments” (1998), of a heavier musical orientation than the previous records, and which immediately makes it to the top of the charts in France, then a compilation "A Taste of Death" (1999).

Loudblast enjoys a very strong stage history, as they have toured extensively, and shared stage with Carcass, Death, Cannibal Corpse, or Sepultura notably. After they opened stage at the “Marquee” for Entombed, then at the Printemps de Bourges festival for Iron Maiden, they were elected "best live band" by Kerrang!.
Separated a while, then joined by Alexandre Colin Tocquaine from Agressor, Loudblast released "Planet Pandemonium" in 2004, and changed their line-up with Drakhian on the guitar and Alexandre Lenormand on the bass. In 2009/2010 come a new DVD and a new edition of their first 5 albums on which you can find many rarities and some already composed, unreleased titles.

Loudblast is supported by Schecter, Dean, Yamaha, ESP, Gibson, Elixir Strings, Mapex, Pro Orca, Meinl, RMV, Audix, Ma Batterie à Moi, SP Custom.

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