Manu Livertout Uses Guitar Pro rock / france

Manu Livertout is a widely known French guitarist who has been playing the professional stage for twenty years! He has authored the « Metal Paganini » playing method as well as the DVD « Metal Machine. » He is also a demonstrator for IBANEZ, for whom he performs about fifteen masterclasses every year.
His main band, Manu Livertout Band, has already released four albums: "Indian Akrobatik", "Autoparody", "The Bounder", and "The Sweet Path".

Simultaneously, Manu plays in various groups such as BOYDAMONT, STICKY SWEET or HAPPY THREE FRIENDS. He is also very active in teaching guitar, as he has taught since the age of 17 (in 1990) at the MAI (Music Academy International, ex-CMCN), is a sponsor to several great music schools, and provides monthly tuitions to the magazine GUITAR LIVE.
In 2012, Manu joined the Australian band KORITNI for 2 tours (notably at the HELLFEST and as opening act for MOTLEY CRUE in Paris) during which he got noticed by the musical press — which described him as a deserving and complementary part of the band.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
Guitar Pro is for me an indispensable tool. It allows me to write scores and tablatures easily for my various classes and masterclasses, to listen again to the very realistic sound rendition of any tune, and to also be able to share the scores with other instruments. This is a virtually indispensable software program for all musician!

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