Mike Salow Uses Guitar Pro fusion / usa

Mike Salow is a multifaceted guitarist with over a decade and a half of playing experience. Residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota (U.S.), Mike graduated with honors from McNally Smith College of Music receiving a B.M. in guitar performance and a music business minor. He’s played with various acts, with genres ranging from jazz/fusion to hip-hop, metal to country.

Mike now teaches at McNally Smith College of Music as well as several other schools throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He also makes monthly video tutorials for www.infiniteguitar.com and has various videos/lessons floating around the internet that can be found at www.mikesalow.com or on his YouTube channel.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I use Guitar Pro for all my online lessons and more! It’s by far the best program of its kind and I couldn’t do without it! I always stress to my students the importance of phrasing and Guitar Pro allows me to show the exact phrasing that is being used during any given solo or riff.

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