Moses Lin Uses Guitar Pro acoustic / united states

Moses is one of the most highly sought after fingerstyle guitarists in Orange County, performing at upscale private events, five star resorts, and even venues such as Disneyland.

Moses began performing at the age of 6, when he began competing in and winning major piano competitions in Chicago. Inspired by Andy McKee and Sungha Jung, he started studying classical guitar and began to develop his own signature form of modern fingerstyle, which combined the complex dexterity of classical guitar with innovative percussive techniques.

Moses’ talents lie in his ability to meticulously craft fingerstyle arrangements by layering melodies, syncopated bass lines and chords over percussive rhythms, and was described by Starbeat magazine as having "arrangements more complex than other fingerstyle guitarists on YouTube".

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I use Guitar Pro to notate all my fingerstyle arrangements because it is truly the best tablature software available. It has a really intuitive user interface, a beautiful layout, and the keyboard shortcuts save me so much time.

It’s also incredibly helpful to be able to tab out an idea and be able to immediately hear it back.

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