Nate Savage Uses Guitar Pro rock / canada

Nate is a guitar instructor, and he is a generous guy. So generous indeed that he now imparts his expertise to thousands of students across the world on Youtube. Nate talks about Guitar Pro in his latest video. He has grabbed the opportunity to present you his lovely tablature called "The Open Sea" available for free!

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I create an absolute ton of TAB and sheet music for both the GuitarLessons.com website and our DVD/Book products. It is critical for me to have a lot of control over the way things are laid out without getting bogged down in the whole editing process. The fact that Guitar Pro gives me so much control over my look and layout while maintaining its speed and ease of use is invaluable. I have used a lot of other sheet music editing programs for guitar notation and they seem to weigh me down and really slow down the whole creative process. Guitar Pro was obviously made by guitarists for guitarists.

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