Neogeofanatic Uses Guitar Pro instrumental / france

Neogeofanatic is a self-taught guitarist who acts as one of the teachers at Guitar Part. As well as his teaching talents, he's become a real YouTube star with his demonstrations of equipment and his numerous guitar courses. Today he's offering you a free lesson on how to play the theme from the TV series 'The Walking Dead' on the guitar!

About NeoGeoFanatic

With more than 20 million hits on his online videos, Neogeofanatic has become a key guitarist in the world of YouTube. An absolute guitar fanatic, every day he puts forward different teaching videos, tests of equipment, advice on guitars and tablatures... all to bring us pleasure.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I use Guitar Pro on a daily basis for my personal teacher needs or for my lessons at Guitar Part magazine. It has become a great tool to quickly edit tabs for 6, 7 or 8-string guitars!

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