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PV NOVA is the kind of unconventional artist you gotta like. Using humor as much as he does music, he offers on his Youtube channel some "Musical Experiments" that are, to say the least, both astonishing and instructive. You may now discover his latest videos accompanied with free-to-download Guitar Pro tabs!

Musical experiments?

Rock, Pop, Metal, Reggae… You have always dreamt of figuring out the writing tricks behind the genres you love? Of becoming this star that all of your friends will idolize? Well dear 6-stringers, this is now all possible.

Just grab your guitar and learn from PV NOVA's musical experiments. You will then get the keys to come up with the "New Varietoche" chord sequence of the century, or with some killing riff in the "Dark Heavy Thrash Grind Core" style.


PV NOVA is a French author, composer, singer, video-maker, and blogger. He is known and praised for his Internet videos, and is leading a prolific professional career between music and drama. His first album "Start Again" can be freely listened to on his "website".

Learn more about his latest news on his Facebook and Twitter pages. To watch all of his videos, visit his official Youtube channel.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
To learn how to play some massive raging guitar solos, and to share my music with all musicians!

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