Sylvestre Etienne Uses Guitar Pro rock / france

Sylvestre was born in Toulon (France), in 1975, and started the guitar on his own at age 19. He studied music theory and jazz in Nice, became a musician and a teacher, played all over France in various bands. He created LAG I RUN in 2009, and released Sunlight Scars in 2010. He is now working on his new solo album, which will reveal many surprises.

Sylvestre is a Godin, Laney, and T-Rex artist.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I have been working daily with GUITAR PRO since 1999. To me, this is THE ultimate guitarist's software!! It is simple, efficient, intuitive -- a Swiss knife for the modern musician. Everything in it is clear and precise, whatever the type of use (playback, lessons, exercises...) or the level (beginner, medium, or advanced). I recommend it to absolutely all of my students, if only for its user-friendliness and the quality of its interface.

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