The Uprising Uses Guitar Pro instrumental / germany

It started as a small side project when Tino S., aspiring composer and trained multi-instrumentalist, started to write instrumental songs under the name "The Uprising" after he left his neofolk band "Ragnarök" in 2008. Quickly, while searching for a fuller sound, he started adding string sections to what would be the song to start his neoclassical crossover tendencies. Over the years, he improved his style while adding influences from multiple other genres, such as IDM, ambient and postrock, until in 2010, he found his own, unique sound, which combines a classical, Chaconne-like sound with the build-up / release patterns of postrock and occasionally the powerful drums typical of metal and IDM artists. He's currently in the process of writing his first full-lengh album, "Glowing Darkness, Screaming Silence", which will be available as an mp3 album and physical CD bundled with artworks for each piece, additional tracks, remixes and commentary.

Why do I like Guitar Pro?
I've been using Guitar Pro from the moment I started learning my first instrument, and I also made my first attempts at writing music in it. Basically, without Guitar Pro, my music probably wouldn't exist to begin with -- it makes arranging and experimenting with new sounds so easy!

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